$9 Micro Pewter additional SHIPPING ADD THIS for 2nds shipping internationally
CURIO RESIN “UpBity” 2nds US ($30 DISCOUNT ON CLOSED EDITION) Limited # left.  Any remaining of these will be sold at Breyerfest if not in this sale.


$13 additional CURIO RESIN SHIPPING ADD THIS for 2nds shipping internationally

SALE OF SECONDS ONLY – AS IS SALES – CLICK BELOW TO VIEW THESE LARGER EXAMPLES (micro is the pewter with 5 in hand, curio sized resin is the 2 top and bottom example)

The pewter 2nds have been cleaned up but have pitting. This was a problem for all remaining batches so these are what will be sold of any remaining pewters. Blending and sanding of the divots will be required. These are sold “as is seconds.

For the larger curio resin (UpBity) seconds: Top belly has normal signature rectangle with MK logo. Bottom shows the seconds with a circle “S” logo added. You can recreate these if you need to resculpt the area some but PLEASE LEAVE a circle S on all seconds. The vein and stifle details on these seconds especially will need extra resculpting to repair.