Some tiles left so I’ll leave the buttons up until I’m done shipping.

Behold the oddities of the studio…

FIRST, today we have one last second from the now closed edition, a Wycked Wynd SECOND #5:

This guy is the roughest of the bunch.  Straight from the mold he had close wires through the tail and rear plus some extra thick seams in spots.  Because the wire will require some grinding likely and the belly sprue extra he is prices a hair lower at SOLD $375 ppd in the US (add $20 international shipping)


Click to see larger

Next… we have some pottery test tiles with various tests of metallic glazes and clays.  These are heavier than resin tiles and as such are being offered as a “2 for $60” Special.  I went around about how to offer these, you’re encouraged to pick a minimum of TWO for checkout.  Odd number purchases are fine, (3, 5, 7).  However if you purchase only 1 you will need to add the $10 shipping option…  They are priced at $30 ea;.

Additional $10 shipping ONLY NEEDED IF YOU BUY JUST ONE TILE. Do not select if you buy 2 or more tiles.


SOLD NEXT we have something pretty unique, a pottery cane head sorta item.  I’ve always delighted in these gargoyle-esque critters.  This oddity is a complete departure from my norm!  I have a great deal of these kinds of items I typically only gift out… so here’s a chance to have something fairly unusual from me! $40 ppd in the US (add $20 international shipping)

SOLD!!! 😀 Last and .. ok perhaps least… is “The Claw”.  Now I’ve been rather fond of The Claw.  It was a pottery piece I made on a whim. It does not come with Seth Brundlefly there but it’s quite the creepy prop.  Be it thoughtful or accusatory, you can have a LOT of fun for your money here.


$60 ppd in the US (add $11 international shipping)



And that’s a wrap for me too!   Stay tuned for OCTOBER 1st when I open up ordering for my curio resin “Midi Max”!  (And of course don’t go away because on Halloween I will be offering up my new version of Wyndy too – Wycked Furious!

omgosh! It’s really over already!!! See everyone really soon with German Bells On at the next LIVE Breyerfest themed “PROST” in 2022 in Kentucky!!!