For the first and sometimes the *only* news of newest works and certain sales such as resin seconds and the rare painted offering…

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One of the grand prizes from one of the “Letter Hunts” given to the Yahoo mailing list in the past, a 1:9 scale resin sculpture “Maxixe de Barrios” of a Criollo stallion.

The same news is posted to both however Yahoo lists have the benefit of archived messages you can go back and search through back to 2003!

With both yahoo and the opt-in lists (posted simultaneously) generally these items sell first come first serve when they are listed so sales do not make it to Facebook and other media sales sites.  New resins are generally offered first to these lists for a few days if they are a limited time offering.

Other Studio Sharing


One of 5 clear medallions made that were only used as giveaway prizes on Facebook due to imperfections in each.

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  2. Facebook studio page for the small day to day type project  sharing