Micro Max comes detached from his base with nice large easy pegs – glue in or leave detached.   UV strengthened prints and stabilized on his oval. Ears and legs have also been thickened in the bantam scale Micro Max here as well.  He is a pretty large “micro” ~3.5cm size, but we still like the name! This will be the smallest and only scale of this sculpture available at this time (except in bronze).  Traditional Maxixe de Barrios was sculpted 2012 and sold as a two month edition – this charismatic Criollo stallion has since been released as well in fine bone china (sold out) and pairs nicely with his fellow pony Kipling in the “Odd Couple”.  Maybe someday micro Max will have a little wee pony friend too!  Meanwhile though don’t miss out on this handsome fella!  Orders only taken for just 1 month Jan-Feb 2021.

Was $55 (ppd in US) to RESERVE  COPIES THROUGH A $15.01 DEPOSIT!

Available for reservation ONLY FROM January 15th to February 15th Total Price ($55 USD) includes shipping if in the US.  The $39.99 balance to be invoiced by the ever present 🙂 Josie  ( kilbournstudiosinfo@gmail.comwhen your copy is printed, cleaned, shipped from Canada to NC, inspected ad finally ready to ship to you (your patience is appreciated as the process is clearly involved and there are a myriad of variables to guessing time frames!).  Invoice will include any additional international shipping at that time.


Was Reserve your Mini Max with a $15.01 non-refundable deposit per casting here:   [button removed]

You will be invoiced for the balance when we have a casting ready to fill your order. If you have questions about your order or your location in the invoicing queue, please contact Josie at kilbournstudiosinfo@gmail.com and she will do her best to provide you with a ballpark guesstimate of when to expect your invoice for the balance. Please keep in mind that Micro Max is being printed in Canada and shipping times to Morgen in North Carolina can be unpredictable.

3D Scan Views shown with the black background, Below those, see actual prints of Micro Max in all his glory! However note that cleaned up closeups not available yet (studio was dusty and those photos coming shortly!).

Comparison with previous micro “Crouton” in hand

About the edition

***3D Printing is being done by Khrysalis Studios – Art by Rayvin Maddock using the same technology she used to produce 500 micronaut prints.  These are being heat and UV cured for added strength and while still a tiny detailed work of art, is a lot more forgiving than many 3d prints I’ve had (and I’ve been cleaning them in various sizes and all kinds of printing materials for my editions since 2005!).   These are being cleaned in her studio by the extremely meticulous Kristy who’s impressed us all and is adding an additional level of pristine [very nearly] ready-to-paint out of box preparation to these prints!

These 3D Printed castings have NO SEAMS and due to this cleaning very few little sprue-like bumps from printing supports… careful inspection may find some small smoothed lumps and a tiny few bit of print lines that sand away extremely easy..   They are fragile like any tiny resins or pewters.  Know too they do not bend with heat. They clean up quite quickly and require MUCH less primer.  Some faint printing lines can be seen but are part of the process and typically buff out with a soft nail buffing sponge or even disappear with initial layers of primer.

I opted for this media due to the ease in prepping and ability to give customers details much closer to the original large sculptures as much as could be possible in this tiny scale!

This is fine art, not a toy.  Fragile & Not suitable for small children.