Limited Edition Only Offered Until October!  Both the braided and loose mane versions of this landing jumper will be available only until October 30th.  Be sure to specify which version you wish to purchase! 

PAY IN FULL $285 ppd in US -> ALL orders will ship (when ready) in order they were paid for by date.  AS OF 7/25/2017 NEW PAID IN FULL ORDERS BACKORDERED AND WILL BE SHIPPING IN OCT MOST LIKELY

Uppenovah – Loose mane

Upton – Braided

International shipping is extra – see below



Start Deposited Time Payments  (no discounts on time payments)  International shipping is extra – see below  BE SURE TO SPECIFY BRAIDS OR LOOSE MANE

6 month – $47.50 / mo (read paypal terms & details here) 

12 months – $23.75 / mo (read paypal terms & details here)

Self Paced – $75 deposit

Add International Shipping (all types of payments)  These are actually a little low compared to actual, even factoring out the US shipping prices deducted from them, and are subject to increase in the coming months.

Add $25 for shipping up to 2 castings to Canada

Add $45 for shipping up to 2 castings to  AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND

Add $40 for shipping up to 2 to GERMANY, the UK and all other countries


Click here to see full gallery or click individual photos below to see super sized enlargements and lots of tiny details! 🙂  To view extra large click “Full Resolution” link at top after selecting thumbnail below