“Ranchita” a 3D scanned, printed and redetailed miniature version of my traditional scale resin “Ranch Mare”. All Images below can be clicked and viewed larger than life!

Edition Closed – if more come from mold after reserved castings orders are fulfilled they might be sold at Breyerfest or online in years to come.

$40 Deposit to Reserve Your “Ranchita” Below – $125 postage paid (US) in Full or Time Pay Up to 1 Year!

LIMITED TIME EDITION CLOSED-  July 7th, 2020 to Dec 31st!  Information left for those who reserved copies.

“Ranchita” is $125 ppd for paid in full orders or $130ppd on time payments (international shipping will be extra).   ORDERING WILL ONLY BE VIA $40 DEPOSITS, both for full payments or time payments. Balances will be invoiced and for automatic time payments a link to subscribe will then be sent.  Please use invoices to pay balances.  Names will be added to the queue below when paid off but time payments up to one year are welcome.  See below, automatic 6 or 12mo payments or self paced payments options are all possible.

If you want your copy sooner, order asap and pay the invoice as soon as possible too.  Shipments will be made in order of full payments.

Selling This Limited Edition Exclusively Through This Wait List Process via Deposits – Reservations End Midnight Dec 31st.  Sales of additional castings may happen after this time if the mold(s) quality holds up.  Generally I allow for time payments to pay off over the year to make sure the molds are producing with high fidelity before making any additional castings from it so future sales are not guaranteed.  Other versions in media such as bronze or china may be produced.

Using the form after you pay your deposit will ensure I have alternative ways to contact you and double check on the number you meant to order.

When paid in full, see queue (ACTUAL IDs WILL BE THERE by 7/11/2020)

for shipping order dates.   Backlogs periodically happen your patience is appreciated.  Queue Last Updated: July 7 th, 2020  6pm



RESERVE A COPY ON $40 DEPOSIT WITH as little as 7.50 per month [12 months]  or $15 [6 mo] and set up time payments today includes additional administrative fee for a total of $130 postage paid in the US)


RESERVE A COPY ON $40 DEPOSIT & FULLY PAY INVOICE to be immediately added to queue PAID IN FULL PRICE  $125 ppd in US**

ALL orders will ship (when ready) in the order they were paid for.


[button removed] RESERVE & Set Up 6mo $15/mo Time Automatic Payments –

[button removed] RESERVE & Set Up 12mo $7.50/mo Time Automatic Payments

[button removed] RESERVE & Get Invoiced $130 you can take up to 1 year to pay at your own pace.

[button removed]  RESERVE & Get Invoiced for Full Amount  $125 (Pay today & get added to the shipping queue immediately, You will have 10 days to pay invoice before a $5 administrative fee is added to make it a time payment rate).

§ Deposits are Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable.

Your deposit is immediately used to pay for some, and not all (!), costs of your casting(s).  Each casting is made-per-reservation just for you.  If you need to change to a longer payment option plan please just contact morgen@one-horse.net

NOTE:  INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS ARE WELCOME TO WAIT TO COMBINE SHIPPING WITH OTHER ORDERS or delay until ready due to shipping & customs delays varying at this time.

**International shipping is extra – see below

*** Date subject to delay but we ship quickly once castings are ready and arriving so please just ask if you are concerned, moving or uncertain where you would like him shipped to;  morgen@one-horse.net


Add $18 for shipping up to 2 castings to Canada

Add $20 for shipping up to 2 castings to ALL Overseas, UK, GER, ITL, RUS, NZ, AUS etc

IMPORTANT FOR ALL TIME PAYMENTS: When your final payment has been made be sure to also send me an email with your current shipping address! (please read their terms I do not control this feature!) § Deposits and payments are non-refundable.

STEP 2  Fill Out Form

Please make sure I have an alternate way to contact you with the invoices and a count of the # of castings you ordered!  PayPal should direct you there automatically but if not, click here for the form;

Step 3 Queue removed, she’s shipping within 5-10 days of being paid off directly from caster.

If you have placed a deposit you should have gotten an invoice at this point.  Please contact Morgen through email at morgen@one-horse.net if you haven’t gotten an invoice OR have paid and haven’t gotten a tracking number within 1 week.


Paying by Check or Money Order
The same prices apply but simply send a message to both of the following two email addresses;
morgen@one-horse.net; artbymorgen@yahoo.com to verify and get mailing address.

Payment Methods Accepted (Applicable to Time Payments too)

  • Payments can be made by PayPal, credit card invoicing, or by mailing a check or money order to me directly. Please email me for my current snail mail address when mailing any check and money order payments.

    Please send all inquiries to both of the following two email addresses;
    morgen@one-horse.net; artbymorgen@yahoo.com

  • Paypal payments should be addressed to morgen@one-horse.net

  • If for any reason you feel I may have missed a question please do not hesitate to inquire! I always try to confirm payments within a few days so these confirmation emails may be going into your spam filters.

    Alternate contact information is always appreciated as well!

    SEE ALSO:  CROUTON, the banty scale teeny tiny version of the Ranch Mare!