Pewter Micro Hazel is being offered at first in smaller batches.  The edition will be limited to 200, but this third batch is only 50 pewter castings (90 will be sold later in batches after this).

Painted and photographed by Nikki Button

Full sized traditional Hazel in resin, mini Hazel in resin and Micro Hazel in pewter

 After this batch of 50 Not sure yet when I will release the remaining ones.  I still need to dive in and clean up the raw castings on the rest of them!  Stay tuned on the mailing lists…

SOLD OUT ALL 50 in 6 minutes… thank you so much for the enthusiasm guys!!


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US shipping 1 single, $3.50


US shipping of 2, $7.00


US shipping 3-4 together, $9.00


CANADA shipping 1 single, $10.00


CANADA shipping by groups of 2-4, $18.00


All Overseas, UK, GER, ITL, RUS, NZ, AUS etc shipping 1 single, $15.00


All Overseas, UK, GER, ITL, RUS, NZ, AUS etc shipping groups of 2-4, $25.00


Castings are in hand and will be mailed immediately using your paypal address.

Due to the limited nature of this molding process a 72hr inspection return period will be given for a full refund.   Please open and inspect immediately and notify of any damage. Replacements may not be possible.   This is a limited # edition.

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