The Equidae of Antiquity Studies equidae_in_museum

These are mezzo-rilievo (half-relief) ceramic sculptures on stands in their original form (maybe to be made as wall hangings in lighter cast forms).

The Equidae of Antiquity: Study I

The Equidae of Antiquity: Study I

They can be installed on walls but I prefer stands for the original fired clay works.

They’re 22 – 30 inches tall. I have  completed a couple (top of page for instance) but am working on a whole series to be part of a show in 2018 that I am having.. or sooner if accepted into any juried shows.

I may or may not do casts (depending on any number of factors).  These are as much an exploration of a new media (fired porcelain-like ceramic clays), as they are of the subject matter itself. I do love making them though and hope to do a very large number.


The Equidae of Antiquity: Study II

So the general point of these relief studies (on a similar vein to Tetradrachm) is to recreate the various breeds shown in Classical and Hellenistic greek art and literature (ok, mostly just Xenophon!) with a hair less of the stylizations seen in art of that period (and i suppose stylization of my own time today!).  😉 These horses depicted are in the style of master sculptors such as Phidias are to honor the now extinct breeds of the Nissean, Thessalian, Scythian and other breeds depicted in various sculpture and the few surviving vessels.


Study III nearly dry and ready to bisque fire.

The Equidae of Antiquity: Study III in progress

Quick upload of work in progress – interestingly got flipped accidentally when posting. It’s always a good test to view your work in mirror imaging. For example after looking at this for a while I parred down the nasal bone even more (there is of course a little camera distortion but it needed more work – distortion didn’t excuse it!).


The Equidae of Antiquity: Study III sculpting in progress