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Head high he stands approximately 11 inches tall by 12 inches long.  He is being cast as a 1:9 scale (traditional scale) hollow cast resin with a permanently attached base with stainless steel  reinforcement.

Prized stallion of the ancient Greek coin springs to life based upon art of the ancients. Representing extinct breeds such as Nisaean, Etruscan, Thessalian and Scythian. He is the horse of Xenophon and Alexander the Great.The cherished noble ancestor of many fine modern breeds today.

He trots over stone pavers accurate to a specific entrance into the ancient city of Troy.  With a tiny mane style change he could represent several gaited, carriage and oriental breeds today as this proud noble bearing is timeless. More on the inspiration below.   PDF of Breed Information and Meanings Behind Inscriptions on the Base

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At this time I am planning to focus primarily on the sculpting and leave the finishing work to the many many wonderfully skilled painters that are out there (under the “Find a Painter” page – button up to the left – you’ll find many terrific painters to chose from!). Please do check on my Find a Painter page as I’m adding new names all the time (newest names are appearing at the top).


In my travels around the web I’m learning that nothing seems to be set in stone about the ancient horses .  As the Greeks and Romans were conquerors they were bound to take on the best horses from various locations and as a people who valued aesthetics they also fashioned them through careful breeding.   I do know that as the Roman empire fell these breeds fell to the way side.  I urge customers to enjoy reading up on the breeds migrating out of the Persian empire and the Nisaen plains.

SPECIFICALLY HORNS: Much is said about horns.  The boney knobs of the living rare breed of Moyle horses may or may not have been present in the horse of Alexander the Great’s time.  I’ve dug long and hard (with a keyboard and mouse) to see if I can spot anything resembling this on skulls of the many many chariot horses buried in harness.  I have not *so far*.  I’m sure it’s possible but I decided since I couldn’t find artistic nor archeological examples that I’d leave those off.  I do fully believe that “Ox Headed” refers not to temperament but rather an orbital axis and frontal sinus similar to that of the living Teke horses with a non-hooded eye.  Almost what you would see on a current day Saddlebred with a greater depth of jaw, or almost like that of the Morgan horse but perhaps more domed at crown.

SPECIFICALLY GAITING:  I do believe that many of the riding mounts of the era were gaited.  In most art, coins vessels and otherwise you see a movement of feet always in nearly the same pose which could be interpreted for a walk but that look suspiciously to me like the Paso Corto movement.  Which is that the leading rear leg is not flat down but more like single footing has a hint of flexion still.  I feel that too many regions over a long millenia of this exist.  Superseding what could be argued as artistic interpretation of the walk or prancing this lateral gait is just too uniformly seen.  Especially as the lateral gaited movements are depicted on horses otherwise fairly accurate in other respects (tack and build) which suggests there were no accidents in the gait footfalls portrayed.

That said, I chose to make this piece trotting a standard trot. I used many living examples of horses today to do so:  Dutch Harness horses and Hackney horses especially but also Saddlebreds,  some types of Arabians and Morgan’s photos were helpful.  I feel that with a tweak of his mane he would be a fine representative of *some* of those more sound performance oriented horses today.

A Personal Note from the Artist – the Equidae of Antiquity Series
As you can see from the above comments I find there is much to say about breeds and it’s been more of a journey for me. When I started Tetradrachm (see blog post) it was my first foray into this genera.. now I’m working on a series of works on these ancient horses, primarily in hand built pottery. I hope to make another resin in the gaited pose however.   Read more about this here:  although I guess now I need to update some news on that page too I guess! 😉