There may be one now and then offered if the mold still holds up when I’m casting again.  These might be in white or ready-to-display black or cold cast resin!

Portrait of Morgen’s Tennesseee Walking Horse gelding.  Extra large medallion roughly 8 inches tall by nearly as much wide.  Hangs from loops in mane or mount in shadowbox.  Fabulous holiday gift in ready to display colors!

BLACK $65 postage paid in the US*

WHITE $65 postage paid in the US*

COLD CASTING Polished, gloss sealed and ready to display. Limited number in stock and please allow more time to cast and ship $85 postage paid in the US*

*For International Orders please contact for additional shipping





The real Asher, in his sunburnt summer coat, working hard to destroy that glorious mane!