10 Breyer PC Firefly & Hawkeyes in sealed boxes with COA

These are unopened boxes of my copies for sculpting this pair.  If not signed the Breyer tape won’t even be cut on yours.  I will NOT inspect these or itemize issues for buyers- in part I’m offering for below the Premier Club cost as suggested to me rather than asking more and detailing every tiny flaw with pictures…. my lack of time is your financial gain here!  🙂  Please reread that carefully before buying;  if you want a flawless copy, then this offering is perhaps not best for you.

$180 postage NOT included.  {sold out}  Immediately after Josie will be invoicing your actual postage – BE SURE YOUR PAYPAL ADDRESS IS CORRECT.  These hopefully will be shipping out Monday or Tuesday if we’re all squared up.     Ships in a 17 x 12 x 8in outer box (3lbs total) around the Breyer official white printed box if you wish to check postage.

After payment completes, please forward your payment receipt email from PayPal to morgen@one-horse.net if you wish to have yours opened (partially) and signed on the belly.  All other business questions should be addressed to kilbournstudiosinfo@gmail.com .