Exclusive Limited Edition Bronze

Summer’s Bliss

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3.5 tall x 6.5 inches long (without base)

A portrait of the artist’s own Thoroughbred colt Mango Jam (or “Little Man”) at four months old. He is portrayed as a sleepy little guy ready to sprawl out in the sun. Approximately 3.5 tall x 6.5 inches long (without base).

Limited Edition

Available from select galleries or by preorder only. Price subject to change due to market cost variation. Please allow up to 14 weeks as each will be custom made to order for you.
    • Base options include various stone and wood combinations available.
    • Several patina finish color options are also available.

$1,500 postage paid* as a preorder – edition limited to 15



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*International orders require additional postage

Installment payments and credit card payments accepted as well


Below the sculpture is shown without patina as it’s easier to see the shape of the sculpture without the shine. Finished bronze patina finishes can also be matte but traditionally are gloss.