It’s always good to have a Plan B right?  Boy has this been the year for that..! So with Uptick, after trying for a long time with hundreds of the pewters, (and literally pounds of 2nds later!) I decided to go the 3D printing route and make a slightly larger definite BANTY size version with a whole new type of arena show jump instead!

About:  Technically bantam, a hair bigger than micro scale.   This bantam edition will be 3d printed for me (Morgen Kilbourn) in one of the newest, stronger and higher detailed methods for 3d prints available (more below***) . “Uptick B” is from 2018 1:9 version of my Landing Jumper sculpture “Upton”.

Comes with a special resin aqueduct style show jump!

Packed with detail at a slightly larger size than the pewter version, easy to clean up too!

Lots of fun for painters, none of the hard prepping!!!




Available for 5 MONTHS until DECEMBER 7th – Total Price of $55ppd in the US is the $14.99 deposit and the $40.01 balance to be invoiced when ready, see queue below, when ready.  Invoice will include any additional international shipping at that time.

Step 1  Submit “Uptick B” DEPOSIT

Submit your Paypal deposit (nonrefundable) of $14.99 here;   [button removed]

Step 2 FORM

Paypal should then take you to the reservation form ( or click here  be sure to submit the form contact information!)  You don’t have to worry about the exact shipping location until you pay your invoice down the road.

Step 3
Queue now unnecessary and not entirely working -> some buyers have different paypal Transaction IDs.   I will have to find a system.   A small batch of 20 or so will be invoiced int he coming weeks from pre-December orders.  After that new December orders  will be invoicing likely in January.



About the edition

***3D Printing is being done by Khrysalis Studios – Art by Rayvin Maddock using the same technology she used to produce 500 micronaut prints.  These are being heat and UV cured for added strength and while still a tiny detailed work of art, is a lot more forgiving than many 3d prints I’ve had (and I’ve been cleaning them in various sizes and all kinds of printing materials for my editions since 2005!).

These 3D Printed castings have NO SEAMS and very few little sprue-like bumps from printing supports that sand away extremely easy.  They are fragile like any tiny resins or pewters.  Know too they do not bend with heat. They clean up quite quickly and require MUCH less primer.  Some faint printing lines can be seen but are part of the process and typically buff out with a soft nail buffing sponge or even disappear with initial layers of primer.

I opted for this media due to the ease in prepping and ability to give customers details much closer to the original large sculptures as much as could be possible in this tiny scale!

This is fine art, not a toy.  Fragile & Not suitable for small children.