“uptick” large micro in pewter

From a scan done of my traditional (1:9) scale “Upton” landing jumper sculpture.  He has a large stablemate sized version in resin, but this guy, “uptick” is in pewter.  Only his unique rock wall base that was made just for this scale is made of resin.

The base is made of a solid single piece of resin with a clear rod*.  This way the wall and stones may be painted and the rod left translucent, or you can paint or even replace it.

40 COPIES WERE AVAILABLE IN NEW YEARS DAY BATCH SOLD OUT, Was $44 ppd in the US ($40 plus $4 postage in the US, international will be sent an invoice for additional postage on Jan 2nd)

BATCH #2 SOLD OUT, Next Batch Coming In the first few weeks of February Hopefully!

The initial pewter production process is going slowly so these will be released in batches for the initial sales.   When known, the next sales date and time will be listed if you miss out, just set your calendar and try back.  MOST batches will be 20 or more at least if they are available.  The first batch are the only 10 that are ready and in house!  Hopefully more will arrive in the mail too.


Shown with a quarter for scale, he comes mounted to standard sized business cards.

Sales method note: it has occurred to me to point out to folks worried about the timing of emails..  Be sure to join my mailing list, at the bottom of the page OR in contacts.  Aaannnnd ➡️ simply refreshing my website at the times I give out (2 days in advance is typically what I try to give on these mailing lists) will make the link appear at the bottom of these pages if you fear you didn’t get an email on time…In the immortal words of Douglas Adams, DON’T PANIC!   ➡️ Links are alphabetically ordered and his name is the page name so “uptick”. The page will disappear a few hours before each batch so I can update it… then it will appear there in the footer when his page goes live for the next active batch…