Bristol Braided Tail Variation Up For Offers until 6/19

Taking single (one per person) sealed bid offers on this unique, *possibly* OOAK Bristol, braided tail mistake variation that I received last year. He was clearly an accident and I’ve held off selling him with my others for a year, recently checking with Breyer again to make sure it’s ok to do so now that the Voyeur version of the mold has been revealed.

I can sign this if the buyer wishes. He is NOT an artists proof, (although it’s the first *I* got to see of my braided tail in plastic too of course!) … he’s merely a very cool mistake and part of my own collection. I will also happily provide a written letter of provenance for the buyer as well.

As such, he has a VIN #, COA and comes with all the normal premier club box and trappings. He’s lived in the velvet bag just being removed for these photos.

• Taking best offers over $950 (this reserve met), send only 1 offer per person, until Wed June 19th a 10pm EST, via email;

• Include payment method you’d prefer in offer (I accept most standard types, including credit)

• You won’t get a second chance to bid, but I will let you know asap (please allow up to 24hrs, internet has been in and out) if you are or are not the highest bidder so your spending budget won’t be in limbo unnecessarily for a week.

• With a 50% non-refundable, no exceptions, down payment I will consider time payments up to 6 months.

• I would prefer ideally to deliver in person at Breyerfest , but if buyer wants shipping then the actual shipping cost will be extra with insurance or customs value declared at true payment value.

• If high bidder fails to complete purchase within terms within the 6 months I will notify underbidders sequentially down the line at the price their bids were at for a second chance offer but no obligation, until a buyer is found.

• Standard caveat here, I reserve the right to reject a buyer for any reason and reoffer to an the next highest bidder

As I said before my internet has been on and off, it’s supposed to be fixed now but it’s still not 100% reliable – please have patience with me responding to any questions as well as bids. I can provide larger photos of the ones I have if necessary but I’d like everyone to have the same information for this so I prefer not to take additional photos. Please also understand that for this reason if any questions come up that I feel need answering to ALL potential buyers I may add this as an edit in additional Q&As to the original sales posts that I’m passing around here.